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Welcome to the website of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Benelux

(Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg).

Our church has a singular mission to proclaim the simple, saving Gospel of Jesus Christ in its pure form. Our purpose is to lead many to salvation from sin through the knowledge of Jesus, to build them up as steadfast believers, and to engage them in the work of Christ. Our foundation is the Bible. We believe in taking the Word of God at its face value, teaching it with all diligence and building our entire lives and affairs on it. Our preaching is simple, scriptural and serious. We believe the old-fashioned message is as relevant today as it was to the initial audience.
"Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever." Holiness of life is our highest aim in Christian service. It is our object to promote this in all we do or teach. Opportunities abound in all our Church locations in Benelux for sincere men and women, boys and girls who desire to follow Jesus, live victoriously as Christians and fully engage themselves in the Lord's service.
Through our practical Bible instruction programme and opportunity to participate in evangelism, corporate worship and prayer, you are free to develop your personal faculties and enlist among other soldiers of the Cross and to serve your God to any level you desire. Feel free to contact us and worship with us in any of our locations in Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Almere-Stad, and Utrecht in the Netherlands, as well as Brussels, and Turnout in Belgium. That will give us an opportunity to know you better. And of course, your visit will also help you in knowing what type of people we are and whether you would like to join us in worship and Christian service. Please take time to check our programmes and the selected study materials on the website.

May the Lord bless you richly!